Queer Colours, Shining Through

It’s Pride Week, and we’re discussing the perception that immigrants and people of colour are inherently homophobic. Some stories about when that’s true, when it’s not, and when it’s just confusing.

Canice Leung talks about the day her parents came home wearing t-shirts that read “Man + Woman = Marriage.”

Renée Sylvestre-Williams discusses the “open secret” of sexuality among her parents’ extra-fabulous friends.

Denise Balkissoon has got a huge family: 50+ first cousins, of which exactly one is openly gay.

Navneet Alang comes to the defense of minority homophobes.

Kelli Korducki interviews two Latino pop experts–her parents–about Mexican crooner Juan Gabriel, the Johnny Mathis of mariachi.

Jaime Woo imagines his wedding day (fun!) and muses on the idea that ethnics are always weird about queers (smart!).

Jef Catapang figures out where his own homophobia went.

and Karen K. Ho updates her story of coming out to her mom.


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