Ethnic Fashion Is So Hot Right Now

Cool breezes, shorter days and rows of slick boots on the shelves. Fall means fashion, and we at the Ethnic Aisle are a stylish bunch.

Let’s start with Septembre Anderson, who breaks down last week’s Nivea ad drama–why telling a black guy how to be more “civilized” is a fail.

Please, please, oh God, no, don’t use the word “exotic.” Jaime Woo celebrates the invasion of Asian supermodels.

Mishal Cazmi considers Japonism in high fashion: when it works, when it doesn’t, and when we might get rid of the geisha archetype once and for all.

Nav Alang muses on why the Little Black Dress is the ultimate blank slate.

Got a fever for all things Navajo? Denise Balkissoon has a little info on who this year’s hot ethnic group actually, like, are.

Fabric, silhouettes, authenticity: Brampton-raised designer Preet Nirwal moved to her parent’s home country of India to pursue a fashion career. She talks to Anupa Mistry.

Are elementary schools that ban jewellery ethnocentric? That’s a question for Kelli Korducki,who had her ears pierced at three weeks old.


One thought on “Ethnic Fashion Is So Hot Right Now

  1. hello guys…how about creating a side menu for older entries…it is so much user friendly then having to scroll all the way down. Plus you could set your articles under year>month>date. Hope no one gets their feather ruffled by the suggestions!

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