Downtown vs. Suburbs: Table of Contents

Are you ready for this?

Some links from bigger, fancier publications than this one discussing walkability, ethnicity, poverty, politics and all the important stuff wrapped up in the Suburban/Downtown issue.

We’ve got Denise Balkissoon explaining why, exactly, the Downtown vs. Suburbs conversation in Toronto is, in fact, an ethnic thing.

Nav Alang touches a nerve when he explains Why White Scenesters Hate the ‘Burbs.

Anupa Mistry dives into the hashtag #bramptongirls: suburban hashtags mark the zeitgeist too, y’know.

Trinidadian expat Renée Sylvestre-Williams lived in the GTA suburbs with her parents and now prefers downtown, while American expat Kelli Korducki explains how the suburbs vs. downtown conversation is so different in her exotic homeland.

Simon Yau swings in favour of the suburbs: ““I love my Costco membership. I love living in a spacious house. I love the silent privacy of my street. I love eating meals for $4 at Chinese food courts. I love being close to an Ikea. I love free parking. And to top it off, I could care less about bike lanes.”

Chantal Braganza gets nostalgic for the parking-lot makeout sessions of her Mississauga youth, while Canice Leung finds the wide, open spaces of Richmond Hill kinda creepy (it doesn’t help that men kept flashing her out there).

Like to mock the cookie-cutter houses of the ‘burbs? Better check yourself, says Jaime Woo.

Jef Catapang is a unicorn! A man who lives in Mississauga, likes it AND doesn’t drive.

Then we had a live, in-person Ethnichat about all this at the 519, and people came! An overview, if you missed it.



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