Suburbs vs. Downtown: The Immigrants Speak

Some thoughts on the GTA’s Great Divide from people who weren’t born here:

Renee Sylvestre-Williams, who moved here from Trinidad as a teenager, prefers downtown, thank you very much: “Maybe it was all those stupid teenage horror movies but all that open space in the suburbs instantly makes me think of serial killers. Empty fields? They totally have chupacabras or werewolves.”

Kelli Korducki, who came here to go to university, compares Toronto’s suburbs to those where she came from: “When examining the GTA against the ‘burbs of my hometown (Milwaukee, Wisconsin: population 594,833 and falling) you’re not only comparing the sprawl of a growing megacity with that of a recession-beaten Rust Belt town; you’re also looking at a case study in white flight vs. immigrant settlement and, frequently, prosperity.”


3 thoughts on “Suburbs vs. Downtown: The Immigrants Speak

  1. I’m first generation Canadian (parentals from Hong Kong) and grew up in the suburbs (well, the 416 ‘burbs – North York, to be exact). I’m now a downtown condo dweller and will likely be one until I have kids. I love downtown for its convenience to arts and culture as well as non-chain restaurants (and can always get away by renting a cottage up north or going to a resort), but I’m not too sure about the public schools in the area. Of course, there’s always the happy medium of mid-town! 🙂

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