How to Learn or Unlearn Any Accent, Guaranteed

By Denise Balkissoon

Something about YouTube How-To videos really cracks me up. Once I watched a 12-minute video on making a t-shirt into a tank top, which involved a really made-up blond American teenager paaiiiiinfully explain to me how to cut the sleeves off a t-shirt. It’s kind of ballsy that people presents themselves as experts on any given topic that they’re currently into, and cringe-inducing when they are so, so far from experts at…anything.

So, I thought I’d gather the Tube’s best videos on learning or unlearning accents. Next, I’ll make a How-To video on culling YouTube videos. Meta.

Informative video from Mikey Bustos of Canadian Idol fame: “It’s worth noting that the Pilipino language lacks ‘he’ and ‘she’ pronouns. That is why many Pilipinos get ‘he’ and ‘she’ mixed up – ‘I like Ricky Martin, her music is berry good.'”

YouTube girls seem to think Edwin Chang is hot. I think he should regret this three-year-old video on doing a Chinese accent: “What you gotta do is like go to local shops or whatever…over time by listening to the way they speak, you can sort of catch it.”

The first of 10 (!) instructional videos on how to speak with a Glasgow accent. See, this is the kind of thing that kills me – if I were inviting the whole world into my home, I’d personally put away my laundry.

This tracksuit-wearing Greek accent instructor is way intense. Best comment: “way to talk about greek accent when you actually speak greek with an american accent….”

Warm up exercises for accent reduction. Start off with a nice ho-hum to really open up the throat.

Spazzed out GTA teens attempt to teach West Indian accents. “Allyuh? See allyuh deh?” Alas, their sound is almost as bad as their “badass” attitudes.

Reverse racism! Tokyo boy speaks in “redneck.” What is wrong with people? Technology sucks.


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