Speaking in Tongues

Bonjour! Ni hao ma?! Aap aaj kya kar rahe ho? 

Ah, languages… In Toronto, we can hear dozens of them just walking down the street – and maybe speak 2 or 3 (or six?) of them ourselves. It’s glorious, it’s messy, and it’s what we’re talking about on the Ethnic Aisle. From struggles to fit in to the joys of multilingualism, we’re all about words this week. And, er… here are some more!

Denise Balkissoon takes us through some hilarious how-to vids for learning accents.

Why does Navneet Alang feel guilty laughing at Russell Peters doing “accent jokes”? He doesn’t know, but is trying to find out.

Renee Sylvestre-Williams thinks of her accents as tools for different situations – but finds there’s an emotional aspect to them, too.

And here’s Navneet Alang again, this time on how it’s sorta’ sad that he can’t talk to his parents and extended family in their own native tongues.

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