What is the Ethnic Aisle?

GTA news, multiculti views and extra hot sauce…

Welcome to the Ethnic Aisle. We know you’ve been craving something different. You’re tired of hearing that the Greater Toronto Area is the most diverse spot in the world, only to be bombarded with the same voices, the same ideas, the same flavour of news and commentary on every website, newspaper, tv channel and radio station. It’s boring, right? It’s so limited, which is such a shame when there’s so much more to taste.

This blog collects and links to the thoughts of mouthy bloggers, journalists and everyday peeps who actually hail from those mysterious diverse communities you hear so much about. Its focus is race and ethnicity. We’re going to use this blog as a clearing-house for our personal reflections on how our non-white, non-newcomer identities affect our views of what happens in this city. We’ll be commenting on news, picking apart each other’s arguments and musing on the broader picture. We’re always looking for people to contribute, of every identity, even if you’re white (or, worse, like to be called a New Canadian). Keep reading, and get in touch.


10 thoughts on “What is the Ethnic Aisle?

  1. Hello:

    I recently came across your page. Considering the emphasis on race and ethnicity, I wanted to know if you review race-based novels? My book SELLOUT is about the struggles of interracial dating between blacks and whites. It’s like a modern-day Jungle Fever.

    Although this book is based in the US and focuses on blacks and whites, I’m sure Canadians have similar issues of racism and prejudice involving interracial dating, no matter the race. If interested, I can send a complimentary book either in print or ebook. My website is linked to this post. Thanks in advance!

  2. I have no idea why I only just found this blog. This is the kind of stuff that I think about all day, everyday. I’m trying to write about it more when I get the chance. Check out my blog and get in touch if you’d like me to write anything. Keep up the awesome work.

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  4. Hi there, I´ve just read Denise Balkissoon´s article on the rental housing shortage in Canada, with great interest.
    Denise, if you allow me – I´d like to reprint some of the text in IUT´s quarterly magazine, The Global Tenant? Please see http://www.iut.nu
    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden!
    /Magnus Hammar, International Union of Tenants. info@iut.nu

  5. Hi. Interesting blog.

    I’ve always wondered why ‘ethnic’ necessarily means non-white? Do white people not have an ethnicity? I find it so funny that stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart actually have signs saying “Ethnic Foods”. Aren’t all foods and all people ‘ethnic’?

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